Saturday, October 26, 2013

Green Mountain Coffee® Fair Trade Certified™


Being a coffee drinker , that tried different brands of coffee, i was so excited to try Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain Coffee® K-Cup® packs lately.

Before i review the coffee , i like to talk about Fair Trade coffee;

What is Fair Trade Coffee?

A fair trade coffee is coffee that is certified as having been produced & marked to a stated set of standers.

Your rich cup of Fair Trade Coffee can help farmers improve their lives & future.

It gives them a fair price for their coffee so they can help their families, it supports kids education.

Every bean is checked for quality,& carefully roasted.

I got my Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain Coffee® K-Cup® packs in Three Continent Blend, it combines the flavor & aroma of 3 different contents,

(Asia/south America/Africa) where these beans are grown.

First thing i noticed while brewing my cup of coffee is the pleasant , bold aroma.

The taste is smooth,well roasted, not bitter & of high quality.

I really enjoyed a delightful cup of coffee,over all i liked the product.

Learn more about Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain Coffee®  ,visit

Disclosure: I received the product free from for testing purposes.

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