Thursday, September 27, 2012


 Using the cut off top half of a bottle, I have created a round vignette.

With the same bottle neck as before, I added a piece of red film to the opening. 

A macro lens focused at a computer screen displays all of the pixels within.

Chris Keeney is a photographer who has been working on his portfolio of experimental 
for quite some time now. Follow the link for more information.

Friday, September 21, 2012


     Discovered in the macroverse, this white creature shares some characteristics with the common flounder in that both of its eyes are on the same side of its head. Docile in nature, I've named the specimen White Thingy.


     As to be expected, much of the flora of the macroverse is also the main mode of transportation. A simple vine has become a highway to channel busy Macrovians to and from their tiny activities.

     With the beauty of life, comes the necessity. This giant corpse was the first thing I noticed in the macroverse. Many macrovians have created their home atop the rancid beast; how they handle the smell is beyond me.

 Charles Krebs

Thursday, September 6, 2012



                                                               Number 1


                                                            Black Eye

Chevy Impala
Paul Politis is an accomplished photographer who specializes in black and white photography. For more examples of his work, follow the link to his website.