Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cleveland Mississippi

Let take a trip to a Delta State Football Game! GO FIGHTING OKRA!

If you didn't already know, I work for sports communications of Delta State University. With an All-Access pass to every game in tow, I am required to record the participation of every young athlete that plays.

As I arrived to the field the vastness of the bleachers was a little daunting. Knowing that I had to make my way to the top did not help my fear of heights.

The backside was even more impressive.

I stopped by the athletics department to gather my thoughts.

As I made my way up I found myself breathless by both the view of the field and the steep climb up.
I took some time to regain my composure and snap this beauty of the some players preparing.

The Mississippi Delta is a vast flat land of mostly agricultural businesses and forestry. It is a great place to both live and work. 

The enemy prepares for the brawl.

Our boys rally in full force; ready to take on their opponent!

The Delta State marching band shows their support at the halftime show. A video of some of our sounds of the delta will be available shortly.

What seems to be a forest fire in the distance is only a hard working farmer burning his field so that it will regrow even more fertile.

Having played well into the night, our team was victorious 28 - 21.

I hope you've enjoyed this trip to the Delta and there will be many more photo shoots in the near future.

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