Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Free FRUIT!!!!!!!! and Del Monte Quality Produce are hosting a giveaway that I myself will be entering immediately. This time the prize is 5 $5 Off coupons of Del Monte fresh and canned fruits and vegetables! That's $25 worth of produce! I know that if I win $10 worth of cantaloupe will be coming home with me; depending on where the melons are from. If you've been on Yahoo today, you may have seen a report of Killer Cantaloupe! 

This image is by Katalina of DeviantArt.

Apparently there has been an outbreak of Listeria, a food born disease, within a patch of melons on a Colorado farm. If there have been deaths in Maryland and Texas, a college student in MS should be careful what he eats! Anyway, be it spinach or strawberries, I hope you enjoy this giveaway!

Follow this link to FRUIT!!!!

Follow this link to KILLER CANTALOUPE!!!!

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