Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Experimental Photography

This short series of photographs is all about experimentation.

The Countess
 For this image I did not white balance. I wanted it to be a natural as possible without using a camera from 1910. In photo shop I lowered the vibrancy,  raised the saturation, and gave it an egg shell white (off white/yellow) hue.

 Drip Drop
 Taken at an outdoor water fountain, this photo was an experiment in light and movement. It was captured at my highest shutter speed. In photo shop I raised the saturation, raised the vibrancy, and increased the reds.

Street lights
Taken in the historical Canton MS Square, this photo was originally the iconic roof lights and traffic lights of Canton. It now depicts an ever moving world of fantastic fluorescent creatures. 

Kit Leonard is an experimental photographer in France exploring topics like age, self, and the human form. http://kitleonard.blogspot.com/

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